About Us

Welcome to an all senses evoking beauty world of luxury.


We invite you to dare to a whole new beauty experience, to a world of unique brands and services, to dare to Delirium.

Born out of passion for luxury and elegance, driven by a strong desire for authenticity, eccentricity and elitism, Delirium is an exclusive beauty boutique that follows the newest trends in the beauty and fragrance world through an artisan approach. It is a place where all senses are stimulated, a place where dreams come true.


Delirium Exclusive provides the ultimate shopping beauty destination able to carry the essentiality of exclusive brands, high luxury atmosphere, high end experience and personalized services.


Bearing the Black Rose as a symbol of uniqueness, exclusivity, charm and beauty, Delirium promises to deliver a one of a kind, high touch shopping experience.


Delirium offers exclusive brands like La Mer, Tom Ford Beauty, Jo Malone London, Prada, Bobbi Brown, Salvatore Ferragamo Exclusives, Confidential by Carolina Herrera and exclusive launches to meet one’s personal preferences and customized services in terms of Skincare, Makeup, Fragrances and Home Scenting through the ultimate pampering offered by the Delirium Consultants.

The Boutique

The luxury and uniqueness of Delirium Exclusive Beauty Boutique is reflected in the architectural design of the store.

The store in black and gold tones offers a beauty space where one can interact with the products and each brands personality.

All the brands installations fit perfectly the luxurious environment to create all together a dreamy location for all beauty addicts.

The service bar, placed in the center of the boutique, invites everyone to sit comfortably, enjoy a coffee or tea and get pampered by the Delirium Experts focused to offer a high touch all senses evoking experience.


Contact Us


Delirium Exclusive Boutique, Serdika Center, 1505 Sofia, 48 Sitnyakovo Blvd., fl. +1



Email: info@deliriumexclusive.com

Tel: +359 883 717 719